Global Heart Watch is a Charity created in the afterwards of Joanna's half-brother death that works for the prevention of Adult Sudden Death.

Its aim is to raise awareness among population to the First Aid Techniques and promote the research by collecting epidemiologic datas and raise funds for research centers like the Sudden Death Expertise Center (CEMS) at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research.

GHW is supported by the Professor Xavier Jouven, cardiolologist and Director of the Sudden Death Expertise Center and Chief of Staff of Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Sudden Death at INSERM.

3 simple actions:

- Call the Emergency Services
- Give cardiac massage
- Use the defibrillator


In France, 40,000 people per year die prematurely of a cardiac arrest. 30% of these cardiac arrests happen at the workplace and in public transport.

Only 4 to 5% of people who suffered from a cardiac arrest survive for lack of early intervention with a cardiac massage and/or a heart defibrillation. 7 times out of 10, the cardiac arrest happens in front of witnesses, yet less than 20% of them practice life-saving gesture.

Survival chances from a cardiac arrest could thus be considerably increased if the first witnesses knew how to act immediately.

Indeed, 4 victims out of 5 who have survived from a cardiac arrest got these simple life-saving gestures, given by the first witness.

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